Four facts to know about lactation tea

Four facts to know about lactation tea

Some people might have heard about lactation tea for the first time. However, you might have guessed about breastfeeding the word lactation tea. It has many benefits for the new mothers as it increases breast milk supply. Also, expert doctors suggest lactation tea singapore to all new mothers. It is also helpful for mothers who are having issues with breast milk.

Well, here are the four facts to know about lactation tea:

  1. What is lactation tea?
  2. What are its herbs?
  3. Is it worth having it?
  4. What is its variety?

The scientific evidence of lactation tea is not clear. Research is still going on. So, here we go in detail:

  • What is lactation tea?

A blend of herbs is known as lactation tea. It increases the breastfeeding supply. It can be consumed several times a day.

  • What are its herbs?

The lactation tea consists of fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel, stinging nettle, goat rue, milk thistle, and moringa. These are the herbs that improve the lactation supply.

  • Is it worth having it?

It is worth having them. But there is no proof of results associated with it. Some herbs have allergen particles that are harmful to mothers’ health.

  • What is its variety?

There is a variety of lactation tea available on the market. Some common examples are traditional medicinals, pink stork, upspring milk flow, Oat Mama, etc.

These are the four necessary facts to know about lactation tea singapore. Before buying, people must read the label.

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