Drying Up Excess CBD Vape Oil Will Never Dry Up the Acne Market

Drying Up Excess CBD Vape Oil Will Never Dry Up the Acne Market

Acne is a visible epidemic in our modern world. It is believed that one of every ten adults is suffering from this debilitating skin condition. How acne is happening is common knowledge. What is causing it seems to be a harder nut to crack. Experience suggests that dermatologist is views differ greatly when it comes to the cause of this malady. They do not seem to know the cause themselves, or if they do, they definitely want to keep it a secret. They all however stand united as far as the treatment is concerned.

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In our society of short cuts to deep problems this is not something surprising. We have too long have lost the harmony with our own body and too many of us believe ‘skin care professionals’ without a moment is pause, that heavy class drugs can better our lives and can offer solutions for our underlying illnesses. These illnesses however mostly come from our unhealthy life styles. Yet it is more convenient to take pills than to make an effort and change our lives for the better.

The defenseless and emotionally drained acne sufferer whose only dream is to finally stumble upon a treatment that actually offers results rather than only hope without a definite solution is facing a tough and frustrating time trying to rake up valuable information from the internet. The discrepancies and amplitude of information on the subject is grim. So-called experts claim that you can get rid of acne in ‘3 days’. ‘That acne is caused by the tannins of the red wine.’ ‘It is caused by oily food.’ ‘It can be healed if you are on the sun.’ ‘It is in your genes, so you cannot do anything about it.’ But try this and this and you will be acne free in 3 days.

These CBD Vape Oil obvious marketing gimmicks capture many victims and operate by offering ‘short cuts’ to a condition that in fact takes long months to get under control and even then only with a drastic change in lifestyle, and with strong determination. Acne sufferers are all victims to this ‘white noise’ generated by the beauty/cosmetics and drug industry’s unquenchable hunger for desperate customers.

It is propaganda is targeting scapegoats that are part of the acne ‘formula’, however attacking them will not take the ‘beast’ out. A common scapegoat is: acne bacteria. Most over the counter medications work by decimating this bacteria, while as a side effect greatly irritating and damaging the skin. Let us make something clear: acne bacteria resides naturally in the skin. It is not the cause of the skin condition. Most of them do little more good than damage. And this is the point.

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