Perfective Value of Humanity in Karate with Its Styles in Melbourne

Perfective Value of Humanity in Karate with Its Styles in Melbourne

Karate was created on the model offered by Kendo and Judo. It was meant to be a style of Martial Arts in itself but that never came about, possibly due to WW2, or there might be other reasons. If there had not been a revision of Jujutsu into Judo, and Zenkutsu into Kendo, it is possible that those arts would not have survived. They have been frowned upon by the new society. Likewise Okinawa’s’ was not popular and regarded as a violent action by the public, the more refined art of karate triumphed and was responsible for the continuation of the Okinawa Martial Art, albeit in a different form.

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It is understood that education was the key and with education came Humanity and understanding, and less demand for civil convictions. Okinawa had no organized game like we understand it now so a workout regime, such as karate, was a brilliant stroke of genius on his part Karate was a community exercise program, an educational endeavour to promote humanity and a pathway back to barbarous self-defence if it be necessary.

Unfortunately karate has become a sport and recreational activity taught by those of a high and a low position. Very few understand what it is they are teaching and largely focus on all the wrong aspects. The physical techniques are not well understood so the fundamentals of Kata are taught as the basis of karate melbourne. The humane aspects are seldom discussed or, are educated through the dojo Kun and paid lip service only.

Karate was developed in Okinawa, a little backward nation at that time, with hardly any people involved, yet we consider they have developed a comprehensive system that will enable one to overcome of 4, 8 or more attackers. The key of karate is common sense and a mix of physical exercise and intellectual research bunburyodo.

One of the mistakes made today would be to market Karate as a product, it is not something which may be bought and sold just like a hamburger. You are paying for a person’s knowledge, skill and ability to pass on important information regarding how to get health, fitness, compete in game and defend yourself. You are paying a commission for an educational support. Apparently it is no more important whom you learn from but at the end of the day, the only position you hold is that of personal knowledge and capacity.  It is important to ensure that a sense of fairness and consideration of others is the grade of any karate class. If we want to allow training partners to punch, strike and kick just mm’s out of our own body then we must have confidence in their faith and character in their humanity.


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