High Blood Pressure and Hypertension – Holistic Treatment

doctor in dallasThe First and foremost technique is to bring about a wholesome change in diet. Many research and experiments have proven that not only does switching to a healthful and nutritious diet help alleviate the effects of an existing condition of abnormal blood pressure it may also help prevent blood pressure altogether. It is also a good idea to change to a vegetarian diet because it is been seen that vegetarians are not prone to hypertension. But if making such a radical change is impossible, it is surely necessary to add vegetables and complex carbohydrates as an intrinsic part of your normal diet. Vegetarian Diets contain more of complex carbohydrates, potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin A and all of these are suggested to have a beneficial impact on blood pressure in addition to other cardiovascular conditions.

It is also important to add fiber in your daily diet as it is been demonstrated that a high fiber diet may be used as a treatment for hypertension. Lowering Intake of foods is another must. Additionally, it is very important to lessen the consumption of sodium that is salt, as this considerably reduces blood pressure. Cutting down on alcohol in addition to nicotine is also compulsory and goes a long way in regulating blood pressure. Another fundamental but basically indispensable holistic practice by dallas natural doctor is that of regular meditation and exercise. A very rigorous and ordered exercise regime is not needed, even fundamental exercises may go a long way in reducing anxiety, channeling energy and making both the body and mind more relaxed and healthy and vigorous. Getting regular massages is no longer a luxury or an indulgence reserved for the elite. It has become a normal and valuable practice and is proven to have numerous benefits on both the body and the brain. Massages help to relax, reduce tension, improve concentration and also assist in enhancing sleeping patterns. These changes result in a change in the blood pressure.

Naturopathy, arising from different breeds of holistic and alternative medications of Indian, Greek sources and Chinese sources is another superb method for treating hypertension. It is a school of therapy that considers the body has the ability to heal itself and thus should be permitted to do so. A number of techniques are employed in Naturopathy such as counseling and psychotherapy, herbal medicine, nutritional guidance, relaxation training and homeopathy. Another innovative yet easy to comprehend and love method is the custom of keeping a pet. Those are just a few strategies of many to help you reduce and even successfully take Control of your blood pressure that is elevated. More strategies and Step by step directions about what to do and how to do it correctly, you can find a Natural Remedy for Hypertension.