What are the crown and implants in dental treatments?

Crowns on the implants are usually three types. Based on the treatment we can select the crown. The crown dental implant and crown may be metal and ceramic. The ceramic type of crown is completely zirconia type. As it has no other metals in it will not harm the teeth and gums in any ways. The gums will get infected by the metal part of teeth. The metal will become rust just like it becomes outside and it turns the gums into black colour. The zirconia as it has no metal they are biodegradable. They are friendly to body. This will not harm the teeth in any ways  Nor gums. They should be placed in right position all over.

The treatment options in the gums and teeth vary accordingly. The patterns of the teeth and gums vary from one to other. The metal and ceramic crowns of teeth vary accordingly to the teeth structure. The implants that are placed inside are two types majorly the single piece and two piece. In single piece there are two types like cortical implants and basal implants. Cortical implants are placed on to the bone of teeth. The basal implants are placed on to the basal bone of teeth. They are fixed into the teeth. The implants are used to replace the teeth and they are delivered with good replacement of the teeth. The basal implants and cortical implants are something we should all know and aware of.